Re: Balance and Lighting

> "Ted Fidder, AT&T - Bell Labs, Denver" said:
> > When you think you have followed the "10 golden rules" how 
> > do you figure one needs to be re-visited ?

krandall at world_std.com (Karen A Randall) responded:
> That's the problem with trying to follow a "recipe" without 
> understanding the variables.  The term I have used in the past is 
> "balance", but I like Charley's concept of "steady state" and 
> "shifting state".  Another option might be "equilibrium", but that 
> term probably has the same problems as "balance".

I think I can handle "equilibirium".  Precise (or scientific) 
terminology merely elminates the subjective component.  I can 
accept "equilibrium" to be a synonym for "steady state" because 
the deltas are largely un-measurable in either case.

I believe that "equilibrium" merely (and only) implies a limiting 
factor exists in forcing a state shift.  There is no subjectivity
in this (limiting factors are ALWAYS present in steady state