Re: Apple Snails

Justin Frese says:
>     Does anyone keep these guys bigger than 1 to 1.5 inches?   They   
>are called "Apple Snails" for a reason!  At our local shop.  hey have  
>a few that are at LEAST three inches across.  I think they are pretty  
>impressive looking.  With a pretty impressive price ($12 dollars).   I 
>know these things will ravage any tank like a rabbit in a carrot       
>field.  Does anyine keep them this big?                                

I have a pair of "Golden" Apple Snails that are about 2.5-3" big. They
seem to eat mostly dead plant material and also took care of my beard
algae problem. They do not touch brush algae as far as I can tell. I have
not noticed any plant leave damage that is obviously caused by the snails.
The only problem is they breed like crazy and now I have about 100 0.5-1
cm baby apples in the tank also. Did you say $12 each? Looks like I will 
soon be able to afford that MH unit :-).

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