deformed growth


>little light on a tank planted with light hungry plants can cause
>a failure to thrive.  Lack of a specific trace element can cause
>deformed growth.  Plant eating fish in the tank can cause holes in

My E.Maior's last two leaves were deformed. At the time the second 
last leaf was growing, I was away for a week. My CO2 generator stops 
working and I've stop giving Tetra Crypto Dungen for a month. Does 
that mean Tetra Crypto actually work? I'm back and I've started my CO2 
and giving the Crypto again. This latest leaf is still deform but let 
see what will happen to future leaves. Can lack of CO2 cause deformed 
growth. Other plants do not have the symptom.

Are you the same Karen that Cryptocoryne article appeared in October's 
AFM? I became interested and will be looking for more Crypts. I have 
only one C.Siamensis var. Ewansii, I think. It now has two baby