re:Apple Snails!!!

>Does anyone keep these guys bigger than 1 to 1.5 inches?   They
>are called "Apple Snails" for a reason!  At our local shop.  hey have
>a few that are at LEAST three inches across.  I think they are pretty
>impressive looking.  With a pretty impressive price ($12 dollars).   I
>know these things will ravage any tank like a rabbit in a carrot
>field.  Does anyine keep them this big?

My brown apple snails, the largest of which is 2.5" across simply do not eat 
live plant matter except algae.  In fact, I've had them starve to death in a 
tank full of plants (hygrophila difformis, vesicularia dubyana, saurus cernus, 
microsorium pteroptus, bolbitis heudetrolis (sp?), duckweed, and another that I 
don't know the name of) but no algae.

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