Re: Aponogeton capuronii

On Sunday, 15 October 1995, Karen Randall wrote:

> I have an A. capuronii too.  It is listed (and pictured) in the 
> Oriental Aquarium catalog.  It is a Madagascar native, and if you 
> compare it to A. stachysporus it really is quite different.  A. 
> capuronii doesn't cork screw the way stachysporus does.

Interesting.  The leaves on my plant have anywhere from 1 to 3 half-twists
> The leaves are incredibly ruffled, and very stiff and "crispy" (they 
> don't even feel like leaves if you touch them, more like plastic!)

Yep.  Some of the leaves cracked in transport.  I've never seen this

> I've had mine since March, and it didd well all summer.  It seems 
> to be heading for a rest period now.  I don't usually bother 
> "resting" Aponos, but I like this one enough that I'll probably 
> give it a try.

Please keep me posted on what happens to it.  Mine is currently
sending up a couple of leaves.

Would you classify this as a "high", "moderate", or "low"-light plant?
Mine is sitting under 6 40W grow & show bulbs with about a 10-20% duckweed
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