Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #13

Paul Kromboltz wrote......

>Cobalt is
>not in this mix because plants are not known to need it, only nitrogen
>fixing organisms need cobalt, and animals that need vitamin B12, which
>contains cobalt.

Many algae and probably plants manufacture B12, so maybe they require

>Thanks for the endorsement, but 7 minutes is a lot longer than I have ever
>treated a plant.  For a plant like rotalla rotundifolia, I would probably
>do two minutes.  R. rotundifolia, however, is a tough little plant, unlike
>R. macandra, which really goes downhill fast once it is pulled up or cut.
>The longest I have ever treated a plant was 4 1/2 minutes, and that was a
>plant with a very thick stem.  If you really want to get rid of the hair
>algae forever, you have to treat the tank that is going to be their new
>home, also.

Ya, I'm pretty sloppy. As for the seven minutes, that's the shortest
cycle available on the washing machine.