Re: Yeak ! Worms in my tank !

Lars Rusdorf requested:
> Here's a describtion of the worms :
> - color  : white
> - length : max. ~2.5 - 3 cm (1")
> I would be very glad if somebody could help me.

Justin Frese replied:
>      Well, do you have any fish in the tank?  If not you might
> consider getting a couple.  Being that you say the worms are about
> an inch long, i would question wether or not a tetra could handle the
> job.  i would suggest the temporary use of a few small africans.  i
> know that there is a trend to stick to the extremely passive fish, but
> I have had no problems with mine. Something like one of the many
> zebras or such. I would recomend something from the Malawi lake
> becouse they tend to stay a bit smaller if you decided to stay with them.


I agree with Justin that tetras may not eat those worms.  However,
passive fish such as gouramis will do the job.  Don't bother taking risk
of introducing needlessly agressive Malawi cichlids.  In addition, Malawi
cichlids will not be happy in regular water condition of plant tanks for
longer term, as Justin suggested them for "temporary use".

I also recommend continuing patient gravel vaccum at each water change.
Worms likely live on the leftover foods.  Also, under-gravel filter can
be a good place for them to live, if you have one.

Sorry Justin,