Re: Bleach treatment and 'blue' snail

David Whitattacker reports:

>>rotundifolia covered in beard algae. Seven minutes in the bath instead
of two resulted in the eventual decay of all of the leaves, but the
stems survived and the plants recovered.<<

David: Did 2-3 minutes not get rid of the beard algae, or did you want to 
be extra sure that it was eliminated?

>>I purchased what's locally called a Blue snail to combat a terrible
infestation of beard algae. It eats the damned stuff and may be the next
best thing to a SAE, which as everyone knows, can't survive the nine
month winters up here.<<

What can't survive the 9 month winters? 

>> This was following a report by John Ching that
he found Apple snails to be useful in this regard. The shells of these
snails are round, brown and 1 to 1.5 in diameter. They probably go by
another common name.<<

Since as everyone knows, I have been keeping up with animals that eat 
beard algae for over 10 years. It would be nice to know that there is 
something to add to the list of SAE and Yumato-numa-ebi. I have never 
heard of a 'blue' snail. See what you can find out about its scientific 
name, where is comes from, if it is described in any aquarium books and 
what other common names it may go by.