This is Don Burns in Plantation, FL near Ft Lauderdale and just received
news of this list from a friend who with me and others are members of the
Aroid-L list.  I have a special interest in amphibious aroids and am
looking for two particular plants, Anubias giganteus and Cryptocoryne
spiralis, to grow in the pond behind the house.   Can anyone steer me to a
domestic source or sources for these?  I would also be interested in seed.

Those of you here who have an interest in amphibious aroids or aroids in
general are certainly welcome to join us on Aroid-L.   Email me if you
would like listproc information.

Thanks for the help.


Don Burns                    Plantation, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale)

<epur01 at email_mot.com>      or       <donburns at shadow_net>