Re: New tank status and questions ...

> Q: How closely do folks follow the Dupla dosing recommendations?  It
> seems I've seen George mention that he use less than the recommended
> dose of both the tablets and the daily fertilizer.  That is not a quote
> BTW!  I started with about half the recommended starting dose of
> Duplaplant and have only added a few drops of Duplaplant24 since
> startup.  As you can see from my iron levels I don't feel like I need to
> be adding anymore right away.


I pretty much follow the Dupla recommendation for the drops and tablets.
This gives me an iron level that is barely detectable (measured with a 
test kit by JBL). I would say the level is somewhere around 0.03 mg/l.

However, I do have a thread algae problem. It's under control and stable 
(the last two months or so), but I have to remove the thread algae every 
third or fourth day. 

Maybe I should get another iron test kit. Most people seem to be having 
thread algae problems with much higher iron levels than mine. The iron 
level does go up when I increase the fertilizer dose, so the test kit is 
measuring something from the drops.