Re: Diatom filters and algae blooms

> In many instances, there may not be a permanent underlying cause for
> algae blooms. Instead, some transient shift in tank conditions could
> have allowed algae to dominate.  Removing the algae allows the tank to
> return to its original, desirable steady state.

This is my philosophy, and it seems to be working. Diatom filters will not
`cure' an algae bloom. If, however, you feel you know what caused the
bloom, I feel you can really help your chances for success if you
remove the algae with the filter at the same time you eliminate the

I was fairly convinced that the cause of my problem was 1) unstable
young tank (it was only 3 weeks old), and 2) way too much light (I had
the MHs about 6" from the tank for 12 hours/day plus lots of indirect
light from outside). The tank is absolutely brilliant now ... no haze
or suspended algae, and none on the glass or plants (knock on wood).

A big part of any tank "stabilizing" is YOU learning the tank.  There
are no magic formulas that will *always* work on every tank (as Ted is
showing us) ... there are just guidelines. And, of course, that's what
makes it such an interesting and challenging hobby. That and the fact
that the tanks are simply stunning.


Dan Resler

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