DIY, and Re: plants for trade

> From: Lars.Rusdorf at informatik_fh-fulda.de (Lars Rusdorf)

> Another question : What does DIY mean ? Is it the name of a company ?

Ah yes, DIY Aquatics.  Most of my equipment comes from DIY.  No matter
where you go, there's always a DIY supplier close by.  And you'd be amazed
at how little they charge for labor, yet how much time they actually spend
handcrafting their products.  DIY has been known to publish and give away
product construction plans to other people.  The only thing to worry about
DIY is that the quality of their products vary from item to item.  Some DIY
tanks, for instance, have been known to leak.  DIY laterite might turn out
to be ordinary domestic mud.  On the other hand, there are some DIY
products just not available from any other manufacturer; for instance, the
DIY yeast CO2 system.

See the FAQ (http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/Faq/intro-turf.html#terms)
for an actual definition of DIY, or the Krib pages for a sub-catalogue of
available DIY products over the last few years.


> From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
[looking for]

>   Didiplis diandra            "Water Hedge" 

Seen this in stores occasionally; will keep an eye out.

>   Hygrophila corymbosa        "Temple Plant, Giant Hygro" (BIG version)

I have (maybe) some of this.  Define "big".  I've gotten 6" leaves (1"+ wide
at the bulge) from this plant when it's very happy.  Is that what you're 
looking for, or is this "hum ho" ordinary Littlest Giant Hygro?

>   Lobelia cardinalis 

Shoot.  Just saw some of this stuff in Spokane last week.  I have one 
crummy specimen in my tank that's doing nothing.

>   Rotala macrandra            "Giant Red Rotala"

Got lots of this, and am willing to ship it.

[has available]
>  Echinodorus quadricostatus "Dwarf Sword"  
>  Limnobium laevigatum "Amazon Frogbit" 
>  Samolus parviflorus "Water Cabbage" 

Interested in these.

(Now if anyone uses "&" for its original purpose, are you going to be

      - Erik

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