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Oct 12 01:31:00 1995

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>Mike Bateman <vandi at well_com> wrote:
>>From: Chuck Lawson
>> That having been said, I wandered into a local shop this afternoon,
>> and found on the $1.00 closeout shelf some "Duplaflex S" substrate
>> heating cables (at least I =think= that's what they are - my German's
>> less than useless).  These read "100 Watt, Spezial
>> Sicherheitskabelheizer 42 volt".  I got three of them (all they had),
>> and each has around 2 meters of 2 conducter flexible (silicon?) cable,
>> with some sort of inline bulge at each end, followed by a banana plug.
>The cables you speak of Chuck are Dupla's supplimental heating cables.
>If the substrate cables you have installed are not capable of
>maintaining the temperature you desire, the Duplaflex S cable can be
>piggybacked to the main cables (if your transformer can handle the
>load).  In the documentation for the Duplaflex cables it shows the "S"
>cables draped in the tank and suction cupped to the wall, not buried in
>the substrate.

>I don't know if they would work for what you are wanting to do, but at
>$1 each, it is one heck of a good deal.
>Daleco has the Duplaflex S 100w for $90, and the 50w for $75.

Yeah, it's a safe bet that anything that says Dupla for $1 is a bargain -
heck, I think they charge more than that just to stand next to the counter
and =look= like you're going to buy Dupla :-) 

Oh well - if anyone needs some Dupla supplimental heating cables, I can
fix you up cheap.  At least 50% retail :-)

- Chuck