Re: Plants to trade

Of the plants that you have to trade, I'm interested in:
  Alternanthera reineckii     "Dragon flame"
  Anubias barteri                                  
  Anubias coffeeafolia                             
  Echinodorus horemanii (red )      
  Echinodorus quadricostatus  "Dwarf Sword"       
  Limnobium laevigatum        "Amazon Frogbit"     
  Samolus parviflorus         "Water Cabbage"      
  Shinnersia rivularis        "Mexican Oak Leaf" 

I have the following plants you want: 
  Hygrophila corymbosa        "Temple Plant, Giant Hygro" (BIG version)
  Rotala wallichii		I have a little, could probably get more 
				from one of the local stores

Others to trade that you or other individuals may be interested in:
Alternanthera sessilis  
Anubias barteri var. Nana        	
Bacopa caroliniana	
Bacopa monnieri 			Dwarf Bacopa
Ceratopteris cornuta    		Watersprite
Ceratopteris thalicroides       
Cryptocoryne petchii    
Echinodorus amazonicus  		Amazon Sword
Echinodorus tenellus (quadricostatus?)	Dwarf Pygmy Sword 
Gymnocoronis spilanthoides      	Spade Leaf
Limnobium spongia       		American Frogbit
Marsillea quadrifolius			Water Clover, growing emersed     
Saururus cernuus			Lizard's Tail, growing emersed
Riccia fluitans 			Crystalwort
Sagittaria pusilla      
Vallisneria asiatica    
Vallisneria gigantea    		Giant Val.
Vallisneria spiralis    

The difference between the L. spongia and L. laevigatum is supposedly 
that the spongia has a region of large spongy cells on the underside of 
the leaves that is absent in L. laevigatum. 
IÕm still not sure about the E. tennelus ID, but from the photos in 
Baensch it appears more like the tennelus than the quadricostatus.