Plants for trade or sale

We are always looking for new plants to try but have all but exhausted
the local shops and commercial vendors.  We would be happy to trade
some of our more uncommon plants (or even common ones) for healthy
examples that we don't have.  Likewise, we would be more than happy to
buy specimens from you or sell ours to you.  

We are looking for the following plants:

  Didiplis diandra            "Water Hedge" 
  Hemianthus micranthemoides 
  Hygrophila corymbosa        "Temple Plant, Giant Hygro" (BIG version)
  Lobelia cardinalis 
  Micranthemum micranthemoides 
  Rotala macrandra            "Giant Red Rotala"
  Rotala wallichii 

We can trade the following:

  Alternanthera reineckii     "Dragon flame"
  Anubias barteri                                  
  Anubias barteri var. nana                        
  Anubias coffeeafolia                             
  Armoracia aquatica          "American Water Cress" 
  Bacopa caroliniana          "Giant Red Bacopa"   
  Cardamine lyrata            "Chinese Ivy"        
  Echinodorus horemanii (red )      
  Echinodorus quadricostatus  "Dwarf Sword"        
  Heteranthera zosteriafolia  "Indian Stargrass"   
  Hydrocotyle leucocephala    "Brazilian Pennywort"
  Limnobium laevigatum        "Amazon Frogbit"     
  Limnophila indica           "Ambulia"            
  Ludwigia mullertii          "Red Ludwigia"       
  Ludwigia repens                                  
  Lysimachia nummularia       "Creeping Penny"     
  Mayaca fluviatilis                               
  Microsorium pteropus        "Java Fern"          
  Rotala rotundifolia         "Dwarf Rotala"       
  Sagittaria subulata         "Dwarf Sag"          
  Samolus parviflorus         "Water Cabbage"      
  Shinnersia rivularis        "Mexican Oak Leaf"   
  Vallisneria spiralis        "Corkscrew Val"      
  Vesicularia dubyana         "Java Moss"          

We also need to find a home for a very large Echinodorus bleheri and
an extremely huge Echinodorus horemanii.


  & (The Aquarist Formerly Known as George)