Any comments from the light-heads?   George?
        I found this coming off of my EXOTIC-L (exotic bird) list.  Maybe
you guys can shed some light on this topic.

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The other day when I was at the vet, I heard the vet talking to a guy
who was there with his reptile (a lizard of some sort).  The lizard (sorry
guys, but I know absolutely nothing about lizards and such), had a skin
fungus.  The vet said that full-spectrum light or exposure to sunlight
would prevent that.  Then they started talking about vitalights.  The
vet said that a vet in California (I am in Texas) just wrote a paper
that he presented at a conference on full-spectrum lighting.

What the paper said: Vita-lights loose their full-spectrum capacity after
30 days.  Some fancy german brand of full-spectrum lighting that
is more expensive than vitalights lasts 60 to 90 days.  When this vet used
vitalights and changed them every 30 days his lizards grew twice as fast
as those lizards raised under vitalights that were not changed.

No, I don't know the names or anything.  If anyone is really interested I
will go ask my vet.

Ugh, stuff like that panics me.  Aren't there alot of breeders out there
who have birds that are kept indoors and only receive light from old
vitalights?  Is this a problem with birds?

Christina  ...

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