Re: New Plant Tank Advice?

From: Chuck Lawson
> That having been said, I wandered into a local shop this afternoon,
> and found on the $1.00 closeout shelf some "Duplaflex S" substrate
> heating cables (at least I =think= that's what they are - my German's
> less than useless).  These read "100 Watt, Spezial
> Sicherheitskabelheizer 42 volt".  I got three of them (all they had),
> and each has around 2 meters of 2 conducter flexible (silicon?) cable,
> with some sort of inline bulge at each end, followed by a banana plug.
The cables you speak of Chuck are Dupla's supplimental heating cables.
If the substrate cables you have installed are not capable of
maintaining the temperature you desire, the Duplaflex S cable can be
piggybacked to the main cables (if your transformer can handle the
load).  In the documentation for the Duplaflex cables it shows the "S"
cables draped in the tank and suction cupped to the wall, not buried in
the substrate.
I don't know if they would work for what you are wanting to do, but at
$1 each, it is one heck of a good deal.
Daleco has the Duplaflex S 100w for $90, and the 50w for $75.
Good luck...
Mike - St. Louis, MO