Re: Low Iron Levels

>From: fidder at drmail_dr.att.com
>Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 22:06:21 -0600
>Subject: Update on no iron showing up
>Note to the mailing list, George and I have had a running dialog on
>my problems with getting an iron reading from my show tank. Since the
>information that I am collecting might be of more general value I am
>going to copy my data and observations to the list.

>If anyone has any other ideas to try I am open. 

This does not explain all of your situation, but I thought I would mention
that when I first started adding Dupla drops to my 29 gal. moderately
planted tank I had to add 10 drops a day (10-20 times normal dose) for 8
days before I got any Fe reading on the (admittedly lousy) Dupla iron test.
At the time I thought it might be that the peat in my filter was
hiding/absorbing it, but I do not notice lower levels when I change the peat
since then.  It seems to me when plants need iron they can really soak it
up.  Perhaps with your exuberant water changes your plants just haven't
finished stockpiling?