Re: Advice re Amazon Swds worked

I wanted to acknowledge and thank whoever it was that said Amazon 
Swordsplants can be made to send out runners by changing the photoperiod.
I had a huge specimen for 3 years but it never sent out a runner.  Moved 
it to another tank where the photo period was about 2 hours per day 
longer although the intensity of light was about 1/4 as much.  The plant 
not only did well but in about 2 weeks it sent out runners that gave me a 
total of 26 young plants.  Then nothing for almost a year.  I moved it 
back to the original tank with more light and two hours less photo 
period.  After 3 weeks it has sent out its first runner.
When posting a question or answer you should all be aware that there are 
lots more people out there that don't get involved but benefit from the 
discussion.  I just wanted to say thanks for advice I never read in a book.

Speaking of books - Is the second Amano book in English?  If yes, tell me 
where to send the check.

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew