re:DIY CO2

>>I use 2 cups of sugar (.5 liters), with 1 tsp of yeast (2 ml?) and 1 tsp of
>>baking soda in my yeast generators.  The bottle is a 2-liter soft drink
>>bottle with a fitting in the cap for the air line.  I fill the bottle to
>>within 3" (8 cm) of the top with lukewarm tap water.  After hooking it up, I
>>start getting bubbles within 20 minutes, and I get full strength in about 1
>>day.  It continues to bubble for about 3 weeks
>David, sounds like what I tried but I only get about 3 days of production.
>What temperature would you guess your bottles are at?

My bottles run at room temperature.  (84F in the summer, 75F in the winter).  I 
don't see a tremendous decrease in useability even in the winter.

My tap water hardness is KH of 5.  This value will make a difference in how 
much baking soda you should add, if any.  If your KH is 15 for example, I 
wouldn't add any baking soda.

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