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Oct 09 10:36:00 1995

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I made a DIY UG heater as per instructions given by Uwe Behler on
*.aquaria.  I used AWG 30 wire wrapping wire as it was the thinnest
wire with adequate insulation I could obtain then.

I found some heater cable in a electronics surplus shop the other day.
On it, there are some markings
	E56198 RU AWM 3323 200 C 300 V
which means it can stand up to 200 degree centigrade and 300 volts.
The resistance is 90 Ohm/yard.  I think it may be useful for DIY
UG heater.  It costs about $1 per yard.  If you are interested in
getting some, please send me a message.  Do not reply to the list.

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