Plant pictures on the AGA page

>On a lighter note, somebody posted a note that he would open a page
>on the WWW where he will keep scanned images of the tanks from aquarists.
>I think this is a superb idea. I would like to carry it a little fur-
>ther though.Suppose an organization like the AGA(of which I am a member)
>would add a page to their web site(are you reading this Neil?) where
>all the people with the planted tanks would send in the scanned images
>of their aquariums and some info about them, for all the others to 
>see. Most people that don't have access to the color scanner should 
>send their photos to the members that do. From being on this mailing
>list for a few months, I know at least one member that will like the 
>idea. Am I right George? :-) Finally, we would be able to quantify the
>statements "I have a densly planted tank" and such!!!
>Franc,               Kitchener,On,Canada


This is a great idea. I certainly would support it, ... Unfortunately, it is
not entirely up to me. First, Jason would have to agree, since he maintains
the page. Second, we would need a volunteer to do the scanning for those
members who don't have access to a scanner. Of course, one can go the CD ROM
route which is how I converted my cyprinid slides to electronic images.