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 Re: Amano book yet again 
 From: franc at golden_org (Franc Gorenc) 
>I am one of many aquarists who like the book "Nature Aquarium World" 
>by Takashi Amano.

>There have been several postings and subsequent discussions about the
>second book by the above mentioned author. It has apparently the same
>title and NO ADVERTISEMENTS!! Yes, I am really not too crazy about ads.
> BTW, we have to understand that without ads
>this book will be substantially more expensive. Neil paid $80 in Japan
>for it. It's too bad he didn't get some more...I for one, would not 
>hesitate a second,to shell-out this amount for a quality book.

I CAN get copies of this book. The price would have to be closer to $100 to
take care of shipping and devaluation of the dollar. If anyone is
interested, please e-mail me.

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