A visit in a local store


I just talked to one of our local shopkeepers about SAE-s
and he said that he has none in his wholesalers' catalogue
but he will see what he can do about it. He never knew there
is anything like a SAE (however Flying Foxes are familiar to
him) and was very happy to hear that there is a fish that
eats hair algae, as he has lots of tanks infected with this

He also asked me to ask around what do people think of the
newest light sources for tanks - he was recently on a couple
of exhibitions (not aquarium, but lighting), and he said
that there are so many new types of lamps that he's
completely lost in what to use for his plant tanks. Does
anyone have any suggestions for some good light sources for

He was really excited about the idea of this and other
lists, but he has no computer at home so it would be hard
for him to become my FIDO point :( Oh, well, we'll see what
the future brings, maybe now that he sees a chance he will
try after all...

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