Availability of several species

     I'm looking for the following species which I cannot find on any of my 
     mail-order lists:
     Alternanthera reineckii      (**)
     Alternanthera "lilacina"     (**)
     Didiplis diandra             (***)
     Ludwigia glandulosa          (****)
     Ludwigia arcuata             (***)
     Micranthemum umbrosum        (***)
     Rotala Macrandra             (***)
     Rotala Wallachii             (**)
     I'm obviously not looking for all of them--but I would like one or two 
     of them to take the place of my hygrophila corymbosa patch which just 
     grows too fast and too big and tall for my 15" short tank.
     Any suggestions as to where I might be able to get these species?
     Thanks in advance.