Re: Pennywort

I started the current debate concerning Pennywort. The plant that I was
looking for a US source of is Hydrocotyle vulgaris, as shown in the Tetra
plant book by James. It is described as being a good foreground plant,
5-7.5 cm in height, cool to moderate water (up to 77 F), propagation by
runner, and native to Europe. As I recall, Baensch (sp.?) indicates that
it requires much cooler water. The other species mentioned in James are H.
leucocephela (sp?) which, from the description in the book is a North
American species sometimes called Moneywort. It is the larger species that
has the habit of sending leaves to the surface. I'm trying to lay out a
plan for a 55 or 70 gal. tank to start after the first of the year, and
would like to use H. vulgaris in the foreground on one side and pygmy 
chain sword on the other. I hope this clears things up.

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