Lillaeopsis flowers, DIY UGH (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 13:20:28 +1000 (EST)
From: STEVEN R AMOR <n1036416 at student_fit.qut.edu.au>
To: Aquatic_Plants at actwin_com
Subject: Lillaeopsis flowers, DIY UGH

Hello all,

I have two questions, but first a suggestion.  Most people probably have WWW
access, so I would like to propse that more of us put pictures of out tanks
for all to see.  I don't mean a huge web page, but just a link, I find it
much more interesting to see what other people are doing, and it gives 
everyone some idea of each others successes.  ANyway, I'll be putting my 
web pages up soon, for all to visit!


	I bought 2 lillaeopsis (?) a few months back.  One went in my 
heated 4 ft tank, where I add iron supplements every day.  The other went 
into an unheated, only slightly fertilized tank.

Last week, the plant in the unheated tank flowered!  Well, the flowers 
were only really tiny, but they were yellow/greenish.  The flowers were 
situated along the stem of the 'feeleres' I'll call them, that shoot out 
from the plant and spread outwards.  My plant is in a small pot, and so 
as these 'feelers' grew they could not grow in the gravel, but instead 
started growing towards towards the bottom of the gravel-less tank.
My question is, is it common for these plants to flower, and if not, then 
would the fact that the new shoots are hovering above the gravel have 
anyhting to do with it?

Question2:  I've almost finished building my DIY Under gravel heater.. 
It's a lowish wattage, so I guess it will be staying on most of the 
time.  I've built an electronic temperature controller, bnut I'm not sure 
what the literature says about how much hotter the gravel should be than 
the water itself.  I presume it is only a small temperature increase, but 
does anyone have any suggestions?  In theory, I can control the 
temperature to 0.1degree C, but what's theory and what actually works 
aren't necessarily equal!

Steve Amor
n1036416 at droid_fit.qut.edu.au

PS, Is any one else in this group living in Queensland, Australia?