Hygrophila identification

Can someone help me out with identifying my Hygrophilas,
please? I am trying to attach as full an explanation as I
can of how they look like, I hope I can get some help...

First of all, I have almost a plague of H. glabra. It grows
HUGE roots and I have to cut it often to get small plants,
but I like it, and I'm very glad that it grows that well.

Then I have a H. which I could not identify up till now and
I still can't. Here's the description. The leaf is very
narrow and very long - it grows to up to almost 20 cm in
length and only about 1 to 1.5 in width maximum. The leaves
are placed as usual with a Hygrophila, opposite each other
and then two above that in parallel to the other two, etc,
and the distances between those joints range between about 1
cm to up to about 2.5 cm. The stem is very delicate and does
not seem to want to grow young plants too often to the
sides, a bit similar to Glabra (which prefers to grow one or
two young plants upwards when you cut it in the middle...).
It grows quite slow compared to the other ones. BTW leaves
are quite light, warm green.

Another one I recently got is H. thailand (at least thats
what they call it here...) - it's short and stocky, has also
narrow leaves but they only get to up to 6 to 8 cm in length
and grow in much thicker batches, like small trees,
concentrating on the tip of the stem, not like the previous
one which has leaves regularly and the closer to the top the
wider the spacing. With this one the spacing is most dense
at the tip and it does not grow too high, only a couple of
centimeters. The leaves are a bit lighter than the previous

Then I have something which looks very similar to H.glabra
when it comes to the leaves, but the stem is very weird -
much stronger than H.glabra, grows like a tree, it
subdivides in to branches with joint-like central points. It
has a tendency to grow in all directions and not only
towards the top. The leaves are a bit darked than H.glabra,
a bit more stocky and their tips are less sharp and the part
between the stem and the leaf (I believe also called
something with an s at the beginning) is longer.

Recently I acquired a strange H. which is locally called
"The lemon hazelnut". It has thick, very thick leaves, much
larger than H. glabra, but the growth pattern is similar,
and the submerged leaves (for which I am waiting as it was
supposively grown emerged) are said to have a lemon colour.

Oh, and of course I have a bunch of Synnema triflorum...

And now the new ones.

One is called a hazelnut, since its leaves look exactly like
a hazelnut leaf, darker than H.glabra, the edge is not
smooth, but the rest of the plant resembles H.glabra (glabra
is often called here a false hazelnut).

The next one is strange, as it s very thin and delicate, but
it grows very long. Leaves are short and narrow (about 1 cm
in width, up to about 3 in length maximum), colour is very
light green, tips are a bit rounded, and similar to Synnema
triflorum the plant likes to grow extra roots from the nodes
where the leaves are.

And the tstranges one I have has reddish leaves (not bright
red, more like purplish red), the older leaves are dark
green, shape similar to the plant described above but the
leaves are sharp at the tip and grow to about 5 cm. I also
suppose it is flowering right now. The shape of the flower
is like that of a wine glass, but from the top it looks like


meaning a cicrcle with 4 triangular thingys at the top. They
grow from the nodes where the leavess are (BTW please teach
me some vocabulary when it comes to plants in English, I am
quite terrible in explaining myself without it :( ). Oh, and
the plant also spawns new roots from these nodes.

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