Re: Roof de-icing cables

> >From what I can see, we wouldn't need to worry about putting them under
> >water, because they're already waterproof.  What else do we need to
> >consider? 

> David Webb responded:
> I thought of one few thing worth researching:
> Do the insulators release any toxins?  They may or may not.  They are likely to 
> be UV resistant, and they may also have an anti-foulant ingredient.  If they 
> release any toxins, you obviously don't want them.
> Also, depending on how warm they get, you might wind up cooking your plants.

I was thinking of something:  They state "not to use in conditions
over 0 Celsius"?  This may mean the cables rely on the surrounding
environment to cool them (the insulation can't handle higher
temperatures, like operation at room temperatures which would
raise the temperature of the insulation above a certain level).

Because they are intended to be used only in colder temperatures
to melt ice, it may assume a low level of heat before the
insulation breaks down.

I've never worked with them, though.