Re: Echonidorus Damage

Yoadie yo ho !!!

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Let's talk about: Re: Echonidorus Damage

 >>      The leaves have been growing for a week now 
 >>      with no new damage now that I put the Panaque in my little anubias
 >>      tank...apparently those leaves are too tough to be effected.

 SE> Dave, I think your anubias may not be safe.
 SE> My Royal Pleco sure damaged anubias leaves.

Agreed! The Panaque nigrolineatus will even eat an old shoe
if you stick it in the tank! :) It kills íLL plants within a
few days, even as tough as Anubias! (I had an Aglaonema
simplex in the tank with the Panaqua for 1 day and had to
get it out of there immediately!).

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