Dennerle book to AGA members overseas

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>Date: 10/1/95 3:39PM
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>Subject: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #51
>>As far as the Dennerle book is concerned, the Aquatic Gardener's
>>Association offers it to our members at $15 including postage.
>How much will the book+postage cost for oversea members? I plan to 
>join AGA and order the book at the same time.

The price includes surface (sea) shipping. For air mail surface, add $5.00.
Membership to countries outside North America is
1 yr $28
2 yrs $52
3 yrs $75
price includes air mail delivery for bimontly issues of The Aquatic Gardener.
Check or money order made out to Aquatic Gardeners Association in US dollars.
Neil Frank   Editor of "The Aquatic Gardener"  Aquatic Gardeners Association
 Visit the AGA home page at <http://blake.oit.unc.edu/~fish/aga/>