> From: krombhol at felix_TECLink.Net (Paul Krombholz)
> Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 18:21:11 -0500
> There are two species of pennywort grown in aquaria, Hydrocotyle
> leucocephala and Hydrocotyle verticillata. The first species has a
> horizontal stem that doesn't ascend to the surface. Its leaves are round
> and the petiole comes from the center of the leaf.    The second sends a
> stem with leaves up to the surface and the leaves have a vee-shaped cut
> into the center, where the petiole attaches.


Is there possibly a third species of Pennywort?  We have what looks
like two different species in one of our tanks. One is easily
identified as H.leucocephala.  The other has the same general
appearance but with some differences.  The leaves of the H.
leucocephala have a distinct notch that goes to the petiole whereas
the other has more of the H. verticillata shape (no distinct notch).
Because of this, I called the other one H. verticillata for a long
time.  However, it is a much bigger plant - the leaves get up to 3" in
diameter and the stem is much thicker and robust than the H.

During a visit to the Dallas Aquarium (at the Fairgrounds), I saw the
other plant in two of the freshwater tanks growing in huge tangled
masses around the top surfaces of the tanks.

Neither version will take on the appearance of the other if they are
planted or left floating.  

BTW, I have huge amounts of H. leucocephala if you would like some. 

George Booth, Loveland, Colorado