aquatic plant references

On Sat, 30 Sep 1995 Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com wrote:

> As part of my job as an aquatic plant specialist for the BC
> Ministry of Environment I have compiled a list of references
> to aquatic plants which are found in BC. Many of course are
> world-wide weeds. Besides technical and scientific books
> I have many pond and aquarium books in the reference list. 
> The list runs to over 150 references (730 lines, 14 pages, 
> 3700 words and 21000 characters). Is anyone interested?
> Should I send it only to people who request it or dump it
> onto the list? Are there other options to make it available
> to those who might be interested? Thanks.
> Pat.

Definitely!  I will put this up on the Krib (as Karen predicted).  Heck, 
we're only using up less than 1% of the space on the disk donated by 
rec.aquaria (and APD) readers.  Just post or e-mail me a copy.  Thanks.

   - Erik

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