My E. ascherchonianus (I now am quite sure that this is the
one I have...) is in a pretty bad state :( It only has 4
adlt leaves left, and hopefully they won't become white like
all the others did :( However, there is a hope, I see that
it is growing an extra child plant next to the mother plant,
however, I found that the young leaves of that one are also
white :( However, I noticed that from the tip of the adult
plant there are new leaves emerging, however, VERY different
to what they used to look like up till now! They have a very
sharp shape, look like needles sticking out towards the
surface! they're about an inch long by now (appeared 2 days
ago) and hopefully don't look too white to me... Are these
normal leaves? What can I do to somehow promote this plant
to re-grow?!

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