Re: Iron Concentration

 From: "David Huie" <David.Huie at Bentley_COM> 
      Date: Sat, 30 Sep 95 19:16:43 EST 

     >>I'm using triple the suggested dosage for Dupla's daily fertilizer 
     I still can't even get a reading on the iron test.  My tank's packed 
     with plants and has CO2.  Do I just need to quintuple the dosage until 
     I get a measurable result?<<

I would try to check the test kit by adding drops to a gallon or half 
gallon container filled with water, testing the treated test water and 
seeing how many are needed to get a response. After a few with still no 
response, you could add the iron drop directly to your test vial -- maybe 
the reagents are bad.  NF