Re: Anubias

Subject : Anubias nana roots


> My anubias nana seems to have more roots than leaves. The reason
> this is bothering me is because a lot of the roots are above the
> Does anyone knows if it harms the plant if I trim it? For the mo
> leaving them alone, unless I can transplant them into another ta
> original tank has too many different plants in it that seems to 
> spreading their leaves horizontally...

I would leave your Anubias alone.  It is normal for them to grow 
above the substrate as if they were on stilts.  Thier "spidery" 
look is part of their charm.  I'm not sure how much damage you 
would do to the plant by cutting its roots, but it certainly will 
not be of any benefit to the plant, and it will continue to try to 
return to its prefered growing position... above the substrate.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA