Re: Reference List, Baby Aponos and Books

Subject: aquatic plant references

> As part of my job as an aquatic plant specialist for the BC
> Ministry of Environment I have compiled a list of references
> to aquatic plants which are found in BC. Many of course are
> world-wide weeds. Besides technical and scientific books
> I have many pond and aquarium books in the reference list. 
> The list runs to over 150 references (730 lines, 14 pages, 
> 3700 words and 21000 characters). Is anyone interested?
> Should I send it only to people who request it or dump it
> onto the list? Are there other options to make it available
> to those who might be interested? Thanks.
> Pat.

I would _definitely_ be interested.  If there is enough general 
interest, maybe Erik would be willing to add it to "The Krib", as 
he is picking up a lot of "good stuff" from the Digest and storing 
it there.


> Subject: Val. from Hell

Hi Tony!

>     I've never written to this group before, but have been lurki
> while.  I feel like a caller on talk radio-"Hello Larry, I'm a f
> caller, but...". 
>     Anyway, I've just thinned out my tank and found that my Apon
> crispus (?) has been making babies.  

Welcome, and congratulations.  Baby plants are as much fun as baby 
fish!  Don't be a stranger.

Subject: Availability of Plant Books

> Does anyone know where these two plant books listed below can be
> purchased?  The usual mail order aquarium supply companies do no
> appear to carry them.
>  - Water Plants in the Aquarium, 1987 by Scheurmann
>  - System for a Problem-Free Aquarium, 1993 by DENNERLE

I have found the Scheurmann book in local discount book stores.  
Since it is a Barrons book, I'm sure your local book store can 
order it for you if they don't carry it.  The ISBN is:

As far as the Dennerle book is concerned, the Aquatic Gardener's 
Association offers it to our members at $15 including postage.

If you're not a member, you should be!  We put out a bi-monthly 
magazine with the most up-to-date plant articles you'll find in 
English, both article written by our members, and reprints from 
European journals.

You can join by sending $15(US funds) annually to:

Dorothy Reimer
83 Cathcart St.
Lndon, Ontario
Canada, N6C 3L9.

For an idea of what you will find in our magazine, you can visit 
the AGA Home Page at: <http://blake.oit.unc.edu/~fish/aga/>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA