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Yoadie yo ho !!!

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Let's talk about: Amazon Swords and Foreground Plants

 KAR> conditions it will spread readily, and make a very pretty green 
 KAR> "lawn".  And, no, it does not need "mowing"<g>

 KAR> This same effect can be achieved with Lillaeopsis, (my personal 
 KAR> favorite) E. quadricostatus, (a little taller) Dwarf Sagitaria, or  any
 KAR> of a number of low growing Cryptocoryne species (can take a 
 KAR> long time to spread, but tolerate low light better).  Another 
 KAR> plant often used by Ammano is Glossostigma, which is not 
 KAR> commercially available in the U.S. at this time.

Other plants that could also be considered lawn-like are
E.austroamericanus (AKA bolivianus), a nice effect can be
achieved with Marsilia which looks like four-leaf clover,
but it's harder to raise and it grows quite slow.

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