Echonidorus Damage

     I think I finally figured out what the damage to my echonidorus osiris 
     was attributable--my Panaque has apparently been grazing algae from 
     the leaves and scraping the leaves, damaging the leaf tissue--I 
     wouldn't have figured it out if I hadn't noticed the picture in The 
     Optimum Aquarium where he talks about leaf damage and has the 
     photos--and my leaves looked identical to the ones it indicated were 
     damaged by ancistrus.  The leaves have been growing for a week now 
     with no new damage now that I put the Panaque in my little anubias 
     tank...apparently those leaves are too tough to be effected.
     Thanks for everyone's help on that problem.
     Anyone heard anything about the black-leaved echonidorus being 
     cultivated in Europe?
     Anyone have any recommendations on good stem plants for 18" tall 
     tanks.  My h. polysperma gets too wiry when you have to cut it so 
     often so it doesn't grow out of the water.  The rotala rotundafolia 
     looks fairly good, though.  Any other recommendations?  I need 
     high-light eaters and preferrably something red-brown...but green's 
     good, too.