Val. from Hell

       Hello all,
    I've never written to this group before, but have been lurking for a
while.  I feel like a caller on talk radio-"Hello Larry, I'm a first time
caller, but...". 
    Anyway, I've just thinned out my tank and found that my Aponogeton
crispus (?) has been making babies.  I let an inflourescense(sp?) go and it
realy went to town.  Previously, I had been cutting off the inflour.. uh,
flowers.., thinking that this might delay the dormancy period.  So far so
good, but I wanted to see if the seeds would sow.  They did and here I am. 
    I thinned out my tank while looking for A. crispus babies and finally got
rid of 75% of my Valisneria gigantea.  I will give or trade them to one of
the pet stores here in town (Columbia MO), just to be rid of the buggers.  
    I've nothing to ask as of now, and I have nothing to say specifically,
but I just wanted to say howdy
                                 Tony Thorpe.