Re: Foreground Plants

I ordered some Sagittaria Subulata and some pgymy chain swords from
That Fish Place a while back (2 months approx). They arrived looking
like someone stepped on them. A few bunches were totally without leaves.

However, they do survive in low light quite well. One of them has
even put out a runner with two more clumps. And another has sent out
a runner vertically up, and the result looks quite strange.

Despite staring at the pictures in "A Fishkeeper's Guide to
Aquarium Plants", I can't seem to tell the difference between the two :-)
Can someone tell me what to look for? Thanks.

Subject : Anubias nana roots

My anubias nana seems to have more roots than leaves. The reason why
this is bothering me is because a lot of the roots are above the gravel.

Does anyone knows if it harms the plant if I trim it? For the moment, I'm
leaving them alone, unless I can transplant them into another tank. The
original tank has too many different plants in it that seems to prefer
spreading their leaves horizontally...