Plant tradeboard

Hey folks-

I have volunteered to charter a new service on the Fishroom 
(telnet to kplace.monrou.com 1025), that will allow internet users 
to post wanted/forsale/trade ads dealing with aquatic plants. The 
service is free and done on my spare time so please be patient and 
be warned that neither I nor staff/crew of Fishroom will take 
responsibility for typos (just let me know and I will correct them).  

To keep this service as smooth running as possible, I request 
(DEMAND) that you send the ad info DIRECTLY to me [dsung at wesleyan_edu] 
(do NOT reply to the plant list and clutter up the digest). You must 
follow the format below:   

Date:		  Date to run ad until:
Full name:
E-mail address: 

Is this is Want/Sell/or Trade ad?:
Size and Quantity:
Price or trade for:
Other relevant information:

I will process these ads and update them to the fishroom bulletin 
board as often as I find necessary. If you want an ad cancelled 
earlier than scheduled, e-mail me at dsung at wesleyan_edu 

NOTE: the listing will take a few days to be activated on the Fishroom 
(or longer if no one sends me any classifieds)

Questions? E-mail me at dsung at wesleyan_edu


PS- if you STILL haven't found my e-mail address peppered (on purpose) 
all over this message, it's dsung at wesleyan_edu