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 PK> >I seem to have a little problem in mi goldfish tank
 PK> >concerning some kind of a defficiency. Here are the
 PK> >symptoms:
 PK> >
 PK> >Some of my Hygrophila and Synnema plant leaves seem to have
 PK> >the outside a bit yellowish, while the inside of the leaf is
 PK> >still grean. Also on some of the leaves there seem to be
 PK> >skirt cut-like marks (transparent short lines across the
 PK> >leaf surface in different directions). What kind of a
 PK> >defficiency can that be and what can I do to fix it?

 PK> I don't know about the yellow borders, but the transparent tissue you
 PK> mention in the leaves is a sign that the plants are getting continuous
 PK> light.  I have seen, only in the Hygrophila genus (which now includes
 PK> Synnema) that if the plants are given continuous light, they produce
 PK> small, distorted leaves that have transparent tissue, i.e. no air space
 PK> in the leaves.  Are you, by chance, giving the plants continuous light
 PK> or, perhaps, very short nights?

You are right, I am exposing them to quite short nights, 5
to 6 hours to be exact. I hoped it to be good for the
plants, but it seems it isn't. How many hours would you
suggest to keep the light off for?

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