Re: Allellochemical competition w/neighbors

Subject: Allellochemical competition w/neighbors

> This time, I really promise to shut up and not talk so much.  I
> really do.  Really.  "Edna, enough!  don't encourage that young 

Don't stop!  I'm learning a lot, and I'm happy when I'm learning. 
BTW, I learned the hard way about Black Walnuts.  We have a number 
of them on our property.  Not knowing thier reputation, I planted 
a number of _expensive_ azaleas withing their spere of influence. 
 I lost them all :-(

One more thought/question on allelochemicals in aquatic plants.  
If I understand correctly, most aquatic plants eveloved from 
terrestrial models.  Might it not be that the allelochemicals they 
 do have are left over from their terrestrial life?  Then to take 
it a step further... Even if they don't "purposely" use their 
allelochemicals to advantage in the wild, might we not be seeing 
signs of it in the closed system of the aquarium where all sorts 
of toxins build more easily?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA