Re: Magnesium precipitation

> Subject: Re: Frequency of Fe fertilization
> The use of daily supplements as opposed to weekly or biweekly is
> ok. Fe and Mg both slowly precipitate out of solution as the 
> chelating agent breaks down or gets eaten by bacteria. I think it
> is also perfectly fine to use the weekly approach since the plants
> are able to store Fe and Mg in concentrations many times higher 
> than their immediate requirements. 
>  Steve Pushak - spush at hcsd_hac.com - Vancouver, BC, Canada
	What reason do you have for saying that magnesium slowly precipitates
out of solution?  What does it come down as?  I can't see any reason to
chelate magnesium, are you sure you don't mean manganese (Mn)?

Paul Sears,    Ottawa, Canada.