Re: Amano's new book (V1 #36)

>From: Robert Miehle <100341.641 at compuserve_com>
>Date: 25 Sep 95 02:04:53 EDT
>Subject: T. Amano's new book
> someone on this list wrote recently about T. Amano's new book.
> Please, could the one tell me title and ISBN-number of the book?
> Many thanks in advance.

The ISBN number for the new book is ISBN4-89512-150-X. 
The title is the same as the first book: _Nature Aquarium World_
It is written in two languages: Japanese and English.

I have been told that this book is not yet available in the U.S., but may be
available in Germany. Mr. Amano was not pleased with the TFH printing of his
first book and will not let them publish his second. He did not like the
advertisements and believe it or not, he was not satisfied with the quality
of the photos! He is looking for another publisher. 

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