Re: Acorus

> Subject: Acorus

> >>I have had the same Acorus plant in my aquarium for 4 years no
> It has increased steadily, and I have given pieces to other 
> aquarists.<<
> That's exciting to hear, as I am very fond of this plant!  What 
> pH & hardness like?  Maybe my first tank just wasn't right for i
> on it after that one).  As far as terrestrial growth, it is slow
> to prefer to be outside in filtered sun.  I think it also likes 
> as it has grown & bloomed for me.

As I mentioned, I think there are more than one species of Acorus, 
and certainly more than one subspecies, so you and I amy not have 
been working with the same plant.  The pH in my tank is 6.8, KH 5, 
GH 150 ppm.  The friends I have given it to are keeping it at a 
similar pH, but their water is considerably softer than mine.  I 
suspect that Acorus would not be happy outside in New England 
> If similar plants (eg ophiopogon) can do as well, then I'll be s
> some of that gorgeous black mondo grass in my temperate tank (ah
> get around to setting it up, that is ;-).

As far as I know, "Mondo Grass" does not do well submersed long 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA