Re: MH pendants and tank size

>                           MH PENDANTS AND TANK SIZE
>Anyone out there have a feel for the largest tank a *single* 175w MH
>pendant can support? I mean to provide enough light for fairly
>demanding plants. I know its easily enough light for a 2' long tank,
>but how about 3'? (I'm not really worried about depth; all of the
>tanks below are fairly shallow.)
>Any comments?

	Yes, Dan.  :)

	Per the HydroDFarm mail-order catalog, (800-833-6868 to get you 
own) foro their smaller pendant w/a 150w or 175w bulb, they suggest a 2' 
sqaure area of primary lighting, with a 3' square area as supplementary.
	If you make the jump to their 250w model, they suggest 3'sqr as 
primaryt and 5'sqr as supplementary.

	Next, although over and above your request, we may as well 
continue up the wattage ladder: For their bigger pendant w/400w MH bulb, 
they suggest 5'sqr of primary lighting and 8'sqr for supplementary. Go 
for the 1000w bulb in this pendant and they suggest 8'sqr for primary and 
12'sqr for supplementary.

	Hope this is of some help!