Buying Laterite--Update

Today, I called Chuck at A.R.T. to order some laterite and was told of
another store that might be more convenient for people living on the West
Coast. Chuck also said that A.R.T. carries a laterite-like clay but that
Laguna Clay, the other store, carries actual laterite with a much higher
iron content. The lady I spoke to at Laguna did not know where her laterite
comes from.

A.R.T. (ask for Chuck)
1-800-323-0212; in Illinois somewhere
5#/$3, 50#/$11
Minimum order is $30 or there is a $5 handling charge.
Shipping by UPS extra.

Laguna Clay
1-800-4-LAGUNA; in City of Industry, CA
Minimum order is 1 pound.
$2.50 handling charge for UPS orders.
Shipping by UPS extra.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
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