Aponogeton pruning time

  Hi everybody!

 It has been a while since the last time I cleaned up the tank, but I 
finally did it today, the three Aponogeton sp. in the aquarium were way 
too large & practically divided the tank (130G long) in two sections, and
many leaves were getting brown-yellow. Though there is a slimy thin brown 
algae on some parts of the tank, the leaves didn't seem affected by it, 
and I don't know if they are getting dormant (temperature is around 75F, 
& has been constant since june) or just need fertilization. -The last time I 
vaccumed/fertilized the tank was 2 months ago or so- =). I added a 
bottle SERA florena, and changed about 25% of water. There is no CO2 injection
at the moment (and hasn't been for 3 months).  

 I'm not pretty sure, but they seem to be A. undulatus (the most common 
Aponogeton around here, I think) -they look a lot like the one in the 
photo on p.67 in the Barry James book, though they heve been greener-.

 I only left the young bright green leaves and the sprouts (yes they 
breeded!!), and begin to miss their former splendor. How would my 
frenetic pruning affect the bulbs-plants in their cycle if the temp. is 
kept constant?? Will this help them decay or grow??  

                                   Jose A. Guzman 
 | ITESO University.   |
 | Guadalajara. Mexico |